Information update date: 06 August 2012

International Financial Company

How the status of international financial company is granted and what are the advantages?

In order to be granted the status of the international financial company it is necessary an entity to be a financial institution (a commercial bank, a reinsurance organization, an investment bank, a stock exchange, a central depository, a brokerage company, a microfinance organization, a credit union, an investment fund or/and another organization providing financial services) which carries out its activities outside the free industrial zone. The Revenue Service grants the status of the international financial company and issues a relevant certificate.
The international financial company enjoys favorable terms of taxation. The profit received by the financial company from its financial operations or/and financial services, as well as the profit received from selling securities issued by the international financial company are exempt from the profit tax.

Article 23, Tax Code of Georgia
N641 Order 30 December 2011, of the Minister of Finance of Georgia on Approval of the Rules for Granting/Canceling the Status of the International Financial Company, Special Trade Company and International Enterprise to a business/financial institution.