Information update date: 17 May 2012

DBorder procedures

Following will be inspected at a Border Crossing Point:

• Documents submitted by a driver
• Integrity of seal applied to a truck
• If necessary additional seal will be applied to a trailer  part


In case of seal damage:

• Vehicle will be released according to inspection act
• If  on-the-spot inspection is impossible  the vehicle will be sealed and will be moved to inspection site with an appropriate certificate


Control of movement  of goods and vehicle will be performed by:

• Registration certificate – goods imported by a truck
• Using TIR carnet – goods imported by TIR truck
• Entering information into the  data base of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Georgia – import of a motor car


If documents for imported goods are unavailable the goods will be subject to:
Mandatory inspection and/or taking samples/tests and drawing up an appropriate   act, based on which appropriate certificated of registration will be issued