Information update date: 11 May 2012


According to the Law of Georgia on “Transit and Import of Waste into and out of the Territory of Georgia”, only non-hazardous and non-radioactive wastes are permitted for importation to customs territory of Georgia, in particular wastes, which are included  on the "Green list of  waste" established by the Council Regulation (EEC)  259/93. The Green list of wastes contains the following categories:


Category “GA” – (wastes in none – dispersible form, contained of metal and their alloys; wares in the form of dust, powder or slag, also subjects containing hazardous wastes in a liquid from does not belong to waste in on – dispersible form)
Category “GH” – solid plastic wastes
Category “GI” – paper, paperboard and paper product wastes
Category “GJ” – textile wastes
Category “GN” –only GN 010/ 0502 00
Category “GL” – untreated cork and wood wastes
Category “GE” – glass wastes in non-dispersible form

Category “GC” – granulated slug arising from manufacture of iron and steel
Importation of these wastes is permitted only for the further processing, re-export or other purposes, which are included on the Basel convention, Annex 4, team “B” (waste disposal operations).
Red, amber and green lists of wastes established by Council Regulation (EEC) 259/93