Information update date: 17 May 2012

About us

Revenue Service, a legal entity of public law of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, executes state control on the whole territory of Georgia. Our main task is to support business in Georgia, create the most favorable environment for establishing of new businesses and their development, formation a just, simple and reliable tax system.



 We create    public and transparent tax system; also inform our citizens and taxpayers, which is a cornerstone for proper functioning of the system. Constant training process of the Revenue Service personnel is a basis for providing competent service and consultation for taxpayers.

Our goal    is to establish a just system of administration. Hence, turning Georgia into the most attractive country for the investments and simplified doing business, reliable partner in international trade,  respected and progressive member of international community, that systematically simplifies procedures connected with international trade by removing tariff and non-tariff barriers. 

Several reforms have been carried out during the last years and implemented different types of electronic services. As a result relations between the Revenue Service and customers have been significantly simplified. During the fulfillment of obligations prescribed by tax legislation taxpayer spends minimal time and resources.
We provide with the simple and clear tax legislation that is a guarantee of protection of tax payer’s legal interests and rights and mandatory precondition for the proper fulfillment of their obligations. Beside the mentioned, in order to provide maximum comfort for taxpayer the existence of modern infrastructure is of high importance. In this regard the new border crossing points, customs clearance zones and service centers have been built, reconstructed and equipped with the latest technology.