Information update date: 24 May 2012

Customs  Department of Legal Entity

Logistics Division 

a) Ensures records management within the Department in compliance with individual administrative and legislative act by Director General of Georgia  Revenue Service;
b) Supervises fulfillment of control assignments and periodically  provides information on their fulfillment to the Head of the Department ;
 c) Ensures registration and execution of all  individual administrative and legislative acts (orders) issued by  the Head of the Department ;
d) Properly processes incoming and outgoing correspondence and establishes control over movement  of the incoming correspondence;
e) Ensures record keeping;
f) Undertakes implementation and operation of information retrieval system within the Department;
g) Elaborates proposals on arranging printing of road use charge cards to be submitted to Administrative Department of  Georgia Revenue Service. Ensures card issuance to persons selling the cards and reflection of appropriate information in electronic database, performs registration of issued cards and sale control;
h) Fulfils other tasks assigned by  Head/Deputy Head of the Department