Information update date: 18 May 2012

Veterinary Control

The rule on conducting veterinary border-quarantine control determines the veterinary procedures to be passed on the Customs Point towards goods subject to veterinary control.

The purpose of veterinary control is:
  • Protection of the animals health;
  • Protection of population from the diseases common for animals and people;
  • Avoidance of import of goods provoking diseases.
Documents to be provided at the customs point:
  • Plan of additional route in case of alive animals import;  


Goods subject to import into Georgia must go through:
  • Documentary inspection
  • To examine identity;
  • Physical examination (whenever there is a suspicious towards goods or in accordance with monitoring plan), clinical examination when animals are imported.
Import of more than 5 units of domestic animals, which are not intended for use in economic activities, must comply with the following requirements:
  • One must carry out prevention vaccination of diseases and their treatment for particular species of animals;  
  • One must attach passport for domestic animal or certificate of treatment;

The results of veterinary procedures carried out by the authorized person must be reflected in the report on conducted state veterinary border-quarantine control procedures.


Veterinary control does not extend to:
  • Personal belongings of the diplomatic mission’s representatives and representatives of other organizations with power equal to diplomatic mission, diplomatic pouch, consular bag. If there is an information that via personal belongings of diplomatic mission representatives are carried goods that might present a risk for human and animal health, than control procedures will be carried out in presence of  the person to whom the goods belong or in presence of an authorized person. If the tax authority is refused in disclosure of the consular bag, it is subject to return to the sender.  
  • The goods intended to eliminate the results of overwhelming forces.
  • Goods imported by luggage or/and hand luggage of passengers or/and postal assignments determined in Appendix #4.    


The main regulatory acts:
    • The Government Decree #429, 31.12.2010
    • The Government Decree #426, 31.12.2010
    • The Government Decree #430, 31.12.2010