Information update date: 18 May 2012

Veterinary certificate

Certificate is issued by :

  • Legal Entity of Public Law – National Food Agency
  • In  the control zones defined   by the  Tax Code of Georgia  Legal Entity of Public Law – Georgia  Revenue Service, except for the  cases when   for  issuance of the certificate It is necessary to :
    • Place animals in the quarantine
    • Take samples for analyses

Following veterinary certificates are issued when exporting animals, animal raw materials and products from Georgia:

  • For  livestock for slaughtering, breeding and other animals, birds, bees, and their bulks (artificially created  new families of bees)  exported from Georgia
  • For meat of Domestic and wild animals and   meat products exported from Georgia
  • For  milk and milk products exported from Georgia
  • For raw materials of  animal origin  exported from Georgia
  • For   breeding material (Sperm,  embryo, incubation eggs, spawn  and etc)  exported from Georgia
  • For  seeds and  other plant products  intended  for   cattle breading exported from Georgia
  • For  new and  frozen  skin of mammals  and  their products  intended for  sending to  the Republic of Turkey
  • For Sea products, fish  and    ready-made products obtained from them,    exported from Georgia
  • For  honey and  beekeeping products,  exported from Georgia
  • For foodstuff egg and egg powder,  exported from Georgia
  • For Castrated livestock of sheep  for slaughtering,  exported from Georgia  to  Israel
  • For Processed Sheep wool ,     intended for  sending to the republic of Turkey from Georgia
  • For  Veterinary medication , substances,  raw material , unpacked  and intermediate  products exported from Georgia
  • For food of animal origin and food additives  exported from Georgia

For attaining the certificate natural  or legal person   shall  submit  application to  the issuing authority electronically or in written form.
Application foe legal person shall contain the following – name of the organization, address and the  extract from the registry of entrepreneur and non-entrepreneur (noncommercial) legal person. For natural persons application shall   contain –name, surname, address and the copy of ID.
When exporting  live animals , issuing authority  shall receive  animal  itinerary   plan and   following additional information to the application:      

  • Information on  the place of origin of live animals (place of birth or purchase of  animal- country, district, region.  In the case of  wild  animals  -place of capture)
  • Information  about their Species, sex, breed, age, weight and identification signs;
  • Information  about the place of quarantine (in case of  meeting requirement  of the importing  country)

In case of existence of additional   requirements   foreseen by the bilateral agreement between Georgia and internationally trading country, Issuing authority shall also  receive  the  corresponding information .
Certificate is issued  based on the execution of the   veterinary control.

Veterinary certificate   is not issued when:

  • Cargo does not comply with the veterinary requirements of the importing country
  • If production process  is  suspended because of the critical irrelevancy in the food related activities

Service fee is  50 GEL

Main regulating normative act:

    • Resolution  N 427  of December 31 , 2010 , by the Government  of Georgia