Information update date: 23 May 2012

Administrative Department

Functions of Infrastructure Development Division are: (12.03.2012 N3559)

a) Planning, organization, coordination and supervision of capital and current construction-repair and assembling works in coordination with the Service management. In particular:
a.a) Implementation of designing/planning works in Revenue Service premises;
a.b) In accordance with the tasks assigned by Revenue Service management preparation of interior/exterior organization projects in Revenue Service premises, composition of defective acts, design elaboration;
a.c) Composition of construction-repair and assembling works documentation, preparation of architectural and construction designs;
a.d) Considering current market prices, preparation of accounting documentation for construction-repair and assembling works;
a.e) Selection of construction materials and quality assessment in coordination with the Service management;
a.f) Coordination of construction-repair and assembling workflow, control of quality and time-frame;
a.g) Inspection, verification of fulfilled operations, execution of certificates of receipt.