Information update date: 24 May 2012

Customs  Department of Legal Entity

Analysis and Methodology Division

a) Monitoring and analysis of state control and clearance of goods;
b) Analysis of compliance with permit conditions by free-trade point operation permit holder in free trade point located in control zone by the Georgian economic border and, as necessary, submission of appropriate proposals to Service Department of  Georgia Revenue Service; (1.11.2011 N 9743)
c) Elaboration of draft preliminary decision of Georgia  Revenue Service on the basis of a written application (request) by an individual (interested party) relative to identification of commodity  code or country of origin according to national product assortment of foreign economic activities towards goods subject to Clearance;
d) Elaboration of proposals and appropriate standard acts on legislation improvement;
e) Elaboration of procedural manuals for activities of the  structural units of the  Department;
f) Studying the practice of application of legislation standards in the course of undertaking control procedures related  to crossing  the  economic border  and elaboration of recommendations and methodical instructions;
g) Within the competence of the Department  organization of tax and administrative legislation violation records management;
h) Fulfillment of  other tasks assigned by  Head/Deputy Head of the Department.