Information update date: 18 May 2012

Permit for non-iodized salt


Permit  for import of non –iodized salt is issued by:

  • Legal Entity of Public Law –National Food Agency 
  • Legal Entity of Public Law-Revenue Service

Procedures for receiving permissions:

In order to obtain written or online permission the application shell be submitted to the  Customs department, Customs clearance department or Border Crossing Point where you wish to obtain permission.

For the online application please register on the Revenue Service web-site
Select “application”, “new application”, “certificate” ,permission for non-iodized salt and fill in related information bars.

For receiving permission please upload all relevant documents:

  • Legal bases for import of non-iodized salt to Georgia (agreement, official letter)
  • Certificate confirming quantity and quality of goods

After filling the relevant information bar with click on “send” button and register application. Decision about permission will be available on “my page, you will also receive massage on your phone.

For additional information please contact us:  226 11 69 Tbilisi, 16 Gorgasali str.



Permission Form