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Systemic test results at Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance

On 1-9 October, within the frames of the systemic testing of COVID-19 risk groups, taking into consideration the rules and periodicity established by the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, employees of the Tax Monitoring Department of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance, customs officers and administrative / support staff at relevant facilities, in total, 430 people were examined.

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Customs officers found undeclared goods on the Red Bridge

Customs officers of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance at “Red Bridge” customs checkpoint, based on suspicion and as a result of inspection of the vehicle driven by the citizen of Georgia A.G. have found the undeclared used car parts of worth GEL 5881.74.




In accordance with the Article 44, paragraph 6 of the Tax Code of Georgia and the Order of the Minister of Finance of Georgia N996 on Tax Administration, on the webpage is posted a list of documents determining obligations.


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