Information update date: 06 August 2012

Special Trade Zone

To whom the special trade zone status is granted?

The special trade zone status may be granted to a legal person who carries out trade activities in Georgia, namely: a legal person, which rents out a trade facility located in or/and trade place in the territory of the market or/and in the buildings and constructions, which are owned/possessed by the legal person. The special trade zone status may be granted at the initiative of a legal person or at the initiative of the Government of Georgia. A legal person interested to receive the status of special trade zone shall apply to the Revenue Service.

What are the obligations of the person with the special trade zone status?

The person with the special trade zone status has the following obligations:
Arrange a special trade zone warehouse on the territory of the special trade zone and keep stock records of goods received in the warehouse by their quantities and types as well as identify their owners;
Apply a protective mark for the goods in the territory of special trade zone;
Carry out settlements with customers in relation to the goods sold by using cashiers managed in a centralized way, etc.

Article 6, 1331Tax Code of Georgia
N493 Decision, dd 27 December 2011, of the Government of Georgia on the Rules for Functioning of Special Trade Zone.