Information update date: 30 July 2012
You will find information on the following issues on this webpage:

Registration as a taxpayer,
Use of cash registers,
Issuance of bill of lading,
Types and rates of taxes and time periods for payment,
Favorable regime of taxation;

You will know how to:

Apply simplified procedures when brining goods into the territory of Georgia,
Receive the status of a member of the Gold List and use special rules for VAT on imports,
Obtain a permit for customs warehouse or for a special trade company,
Receive a preliminary decision made on determining the code of goods, or the country of origin of goods,
Learn about the periods for presenting documents, goods and means of transportation,
Learn about the goods operations when it is possible to register the goods,
Learn about the types of services offered in the registration economic zone,
Learn about how an importer registers the declaration filled out in ASYCUD,
Make a preliminary declaration of the goods,
Learn about how the ‘remote’ declaration is made by using an electronic signature and how goods are registered and where you can do this,
Learn about the current tariffs, import duties and service fees and periods for payments,
Receive other interesting information,
Learn about the services offered by the Revenue Service, which will allow you to use their services instantaneously, simply and comfortably without leaving your home/office.