Information update date: 18 May 2012


What are the documents required for transit?
  •  During transit procedure following are presented at the border:
  •  By vehicle transportation –waybill  or TIR Carnet
  •  By sea transportation – bill of lading
  •  By air transportation – air waybill of lading
  •  By railway transportation – railway bill of lading
  •  Goods Purchase document:
  • Goods purchase contract or
  •  Invoice
  •  Other financial Documents
  •  If necessary, additional documents to be presented
  • license/permit/certificate
  • What is the timeframe for delivery of goods and means of transport to the point of destination?
  •  Timeframe for delivery of goods from border crossing points to point of destination while in transit procedure are::
  •  20 Calendar days for goods and means of transport
  •  Not more than 45 calendar days when moving means of vehicles considered under HS heading 8702 (bus) or 8703 (light vehicles)
Who is the responsible person when moving goods under the transit procedure?
  •  When moving goods under the transit procedure, person responsible for tax liabilities is – the owner of means of transport.
What additional rules should the driver of a vehicle, know?
  • In case of an accident or other force majeure situation driver is to notify (if possible) customs authorities and act as per the instructions.
  • In case of damage of the means of transport, goods can be moved to another means of transport (container) with the supervision of an authorized employee of customs authority, who carries out sealing of the means of transport (container) and documents the data in certificate of registry
  • If the goods are destroyed or damaged, owner of the good is obligated to notify closest Customs Authority and submit evidence of damage, which are certified by the appropriate authorized   governmental authority.  Unless done so, goods will be considered to be illegally removed from state supervision.  
How are goods declared in transit procedure?
  • Goods are declared in transit procedure with:
  • TIR-Carnet
  • Internal Transit document in the absence of TIR carnet
  • Registering information in MIA automated database regarding moving not empty:
  • Means of transport
  •  Materials
  •  Semi-trailer
  •  In case of goods exceeding amounts and cost for exemption from duties
  • In What cases are goods declared with transit procedure?
  •  Goods being moved with pipelines or electrical transmission lines
  •  In case of goods intended for sea transit (except for goods kept in containers and in means of transport)
  •  If advance commodity operation of goods was carried out by presenting goods declaration
  • What goods can be placed under the goods commodity procedure?
  •  Goods that can be placed under the transit commodity operations are:
  • o Foreign goods entering Georgia’s economic territory
  • o Foreign goods under other commodity procedures (temporary admission, export, internal processing and external processing), if all documents prescribed by law are presented
What documents should be presented at the border when changing custom office of destination
  •  When changing custom office of destination documents presented are:
  • Transport document proving the change of country of destination, that must include data regarding the advanced transport documents (including number, issue data)
How is temporary storage carried out during transport procedure?
  • Application is not submitted during temporary storage of goods during transit procedures and storage is carried out on basis of certificate or declaration.
  • How is TIR carnet removed for means of transport that is transporting vehicles?
  • TIR carnet is removed at the border inspection point, that empty means of transport has to pass through when leaving economic territory of Georgia. For this purposes driver of the transporting means of transport presents declaration for every means of transport included in the consignment.
How is transit procedure completed?
  • Transit procedure is completed:
  • By presenting the goods declaration and exportation of goods.
  • By removing from control of the appropriate certificate and by exportation
  • By selecting another commodity procedure
  • By presenting of TIR carnet and border inspection point
  • By registering information at automated database of Ministry of Internal Affairs (movement of not loaded means of transport)
  • Transit is usually completed at the border inspection point, from where goods are exported, in cases when changing commodity operation or means of transport, or forwarding of goods – at customs office where changing of commodity operations or means and forwarding of transport takes place.
When and where is the road fee paid?
  • Road fee on the territory of Georgia for transit transportation of one cargo vehicle is 200 Lari
  • Road fee is paid at treasury coed 302003277
  • Before leaving Georgian territory driver of means of transport moving under the transit procedure is required to:
  • Pay Road fee at a Bank on the territory of Georgia
  • Purchase road use certificate
  • Present the receipt proving the payment of road fee or certificate of road use
  •  Prior to these means of transport cannot leave Georgian territory
When is a person exempt from road use fee?

Person moving goods on the territory of Georgia to the control zone located not more than 10km away from a sea border crossing point is exempt from road fee.