Information update date: 24 May 2012

Customs  Department of Legal Entity

Monitoring  and Risk  Management  Division  (19.12.2011 N 11688)

Functions of the Monitoring  and Risk  Management  Division   are :
a) Informing Border Crossing Points  of procedure regulatory legislative acts related to the Georgian economic border crossing by means of electronic communication (telephone, radio communication, electronic mail, fax and etc.) as well as consultation on application of tax legislation, receiving/processing operating information from Department’s structural units and  providing appropriate response;
 b) Receiving/processing appropriate information from Border Crossing Points  with the objective of arranging operational management;
c) Monitoring of compliance with a period and conditions prescribed by a tax agency for submission of goods and vehicles destination to a tax agency and providing  appropriate response;
d) Within the Department’s competence  arrangement of measures associated with delivering subject to control; 
e) Elaboration of state control measures on the basis of risk management system at Border Crossing Points  and monitoring of their implementation;
f) Making appropriate records in travel documents and registering the information referring to an individual, a vehicle and/or goods in automated database of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Georgia by crossing the Georgian state border;
 g) Arranging the use of special equipment located at portals. Elaboration of proposals on development of infrastructure required for carrying out state control, implementation of new methods and technical means;
h) Processing information related to legislation violations detected in control zone with the purpose of posting it in the Information Consultation System (CEN, e-CEN) of World Customs Organization (WCO)
 i) Administrative proceeding and technical access support to allow and to deny access to automated (computer-aided) database systems  of Georgia Revenue Service for authorized personnel  of the Department;
 j) Carrying out online coordination and permanent monitoring of tax service current activities; k) Processing the information received via recording devices with regards to procedures undertaken at Border Crossing Points  and commodity  surveillance  points;
l) Processing information received through scanning of goods and/or vehicle;
m) Analysis of monitoring results and if  necessary, providing information to appropriate bodies to eliminate queues and improve tax service quality;
n) Fulfillment of  other tasks assigned by  Head/Deputy Head of the Department