Information update date: 18 May 2012

Pharmaceutical Products

For Taxpayers attention

In the cases of import or export of the pharmaceutical products   “inventory form for pharmaceutical products”  is filled on the official web-page of the Revenue Service (   For filling in the form   click   button “medications” on the web-page of Revenue Service. After entering the program   activate button  “registration of the new Form”    and fill in the form.   For registering new form it is mandatory to fill in all the boxes.   After filling the form click on the button “registration of the form”, after what   new page  “outgoing forms” with  list  will appear.  Along to the filled form   click on the  button “send”.  Form is sent.
For the means of correction Tax administration has the right to send back the sent form.   Confirmation of the   “Inventory form for pharmaceutical products” will take place after you submit the declaration.