Information update date: 30 July 2012

The Taxpayer’s Page

What is the e-page of the taxpayer and what does it allow you to do?

The taxpayer e-page allows the taxpayer to manage his/her business remotely from home or/and without leaving the office.

The e-page will enable the taxpayer to:
  • send various applications;
  • do e-correspondence and track the evaluation processes of registered applications, as well as post his/her data or those of trustees;
  • file tax returns and calculations;
  • electronically issue invoices;
  • electronically issue bills of lading;
  • view his/her personal registration card at any given time as well the act of comparison pertaining the settlements with the budget;
  • make electronic payments;
  • • receive information and messages pertaining various issues.

To be registered the e-page Registration Application , is to be filled out. It can be activated both in the tax authority, as well as via the link for e-activation.