Information update date: 23 May 2012

Administrative Department

Principal functions of Financial Division are:

a) Elaboration of consolidated draft budget of Service system and its submission to the Ministry of Finance of Georgia;
b) Management of allocated funds with the purpose of fulfilling Service assignments and functions;
c) Preparing periodic expenditure accounts of the Service and submission to the Ministry of Finance of Georgia;
d) Accounting and reporting financial and tangible assets and liabilities of the Service system;
e) Accounting in compliance with the legislation;
f) Elaboration of quarterly and yearly financial and statistical reports;
g) Development of Service medium-term action plan with the objective of presenting priorities of the ministry in a document of the country’s basic data and directions (BDD) and submission to the Ministry of Finance of Georgia within a prescribed period;
h) Elaboration of draft individual administrative and legislative act of Director General of Service referring to use of encouragement forms (giving a bonus or awarding with a bounty);
i) Arranging employee salaries;
j) Within the competence reviewing correspondence received form a taxpayer, his/her representative and other interested party;
k) Fulfilling other tasks and assignments by Department management.