Information update date: 21 May 2012

Electronic services

Authorised users can submit to the Revenue Service tax returns, applications and complaints; issue and approve fiscal tax invoices, special fuel tax invoices, waybill; make money transfers, receive notifications from the revenue service, protocols and orders; in case of import of medicines and Parcel Post submit list of goods.

Customs declaration

Authorised users of the ASYCUDA WORLD can fill in and submit customs declaration.

Electronic payments

With the assistance of the service taxpayer can perform money transfer to cover relevant tax arrears.

Application forms

Provides information on the electronic applications, available and provided by the Revenue Service, required documents and service fee for submission of applications.

Integrated tariffs

With the help of the service you can obtain information on the customs tariffs by goods description or product identification number.

Demonstrational learning portal for electronic services of Georgia Revenue Service (further GRS) – is an analogue to existing taxpayer portal. Given portal integrates all electronic services, which are provided by the GRS. Please note, that, learning version is in no way connected with real data and any action made through this portal will not create any tax liability towards GRS. presents a GRS handbook, where you can find and get yourself familiar with orders, explanations, resolutions made by dispute resolution council, guidelines and etc.

Cars’s duty and tax calculator

With the assistance of the service you can calculate amount payable (excise and customs duties) based on the year of production and cubic capacity of the automobile’s engine.

Business map

You can receive information on the location of the service centers of the Revenue Service and border crossing points, also you can search for enterprises carrying out various business activities, obtain information on the location of particular taxpayer, obtain quantitative information on the population and existing enterprises in the marked area and other.

Searching of cargo/ automobiles

With the help of the service you can obtain information on the automobiles, shipping containers which entered the customs control zone (customs clearance zone and custom warehouse), or according to the last name of the owner status of the cargo, receive electronic notifications by e-mail or SMS.

Register of Entrepreneurs

With the help of the service you can obtain information on the taxpayers, registered in the tax authority, as well as information if a taxpayer is registered as VAT payer.

Version for person with disabilitynew

Voice website of GRS is intended for people with disability. Through this website one can listen to the audio version of the marked text. For additional information please visit instruction to use website.