Information update date: 23 May 2012

Human Resources Department

Functions of Professional Development Division are: (1.03.2012 N2796)

a) Organization of training within the Revenue Service system except the cases when according to Service request the training is organized by specially selected organization;
b) Elaboration, course organization and implementation monitoring of a plan for Revenue Service assistants and trainees adaptation and professional development;
c) Professional training of assistants and/or trainees for each Revenue Service structural unit. In particular:
c.a) participation in preparation of training programs;
c.b) Organization and implementation monitoring of training process;
c.c) Identification of personal and professional training needs;
c.d) Organization of personal and professional trainings;
c.e) Revue and analyze of training results;
d) Adaptation program elaboration and adaptation process management for Revenue Service new personnel;
e) Professional development plan elaboration and process management for the positions (established posts) of each Revenue Service structural unit;
f) Within its competence checking and reviewing correspondence from a taxpayer, taxpayer’s representative and other interested party and preparing reply correspondence; (2.04.2012 N 5542)
g) Fulfillment of other tasks and assignments by Department management. (2.04.2012 N 5542)