Information update date: 23 May 2012

Administrative Department

Principal Functions of Procurement Division are:

a) Planning government procurement, elaboration and revision of a yearly procurement plan;
b) Submission of yearly and/or revised procurement plan to public law legal entity – Government Procurement Agency;
c) Undertaking government procurement procedures including implementation of preliminary works, estimation of approximate prices, selection of procurement means and elaboration of appropriate documentation;
d) Within the competence conducting bidding procedures, receiving, issuing and record keeping of bidding documentation and proposals as well as other documentation;
d¹) Organization of printing of material form certificates, permit certificates, tax invoices and other strict accounting forms.
e) Elaboration of draft contracts referring to government procurement and, as necessary, changes to be incorporated in them;
f) Submission of reports on the status of implementation of operative and government procurement of government procurement to public law legal entity – Government Procurement Agency;
g) Within the competence reviewing correspondence received from a taxpayer, his/her representative and other interested party;
h) Fulfilling other tasks and assignments by Department management.