Information update date: 23 May 2012

Human Resources Department

Functions of Human Resources Management Division are:

a) Within its competence elaboration of draft administrative and legislative acts;
b) Personnel record keeping:
b.a) Within the competence preparation of nominations, references, certificates;
b.b) Service employees’ personal records management;
b.c) Entering, classification and update of personnel data in common database;
b.d) Preparation of statistical reports on issues within the Department’s competence;
b.e) Service personnel data recording and registering;
b.f) Preparation, recording and issuing personnel ID cards;
b.g) Recording of handover and return of official use serial number stamps to responsible persons.
c) Personnel attraction and selection:
c.a) Elaboration of a plan to staff the Service with highly skilled personnel according to program;
c.b) Establishing relations with higher education institutions and trade/vocational schools and recruitment agencies;
c.c) Defining stages and forms for employee selection in the Service;
c.d) Development of standard application forms and employee selection interview plans, elaboration of qualification tests in collaboration with appropriate structural units of the Service;
d) Analyzing existing job positions in the Service, elaboration and development of employee job descriptions along with the appropriate structural units of the Service;
e) Elaboration of proposals on Service structure improvement, staff list formation;
 f) Exercising control over compliance with Labor Code requirements;
g) Exercising control over compliance with requirements of labor and executive discipline, regulations and ethics code;
h) Elaboration of draft administrative and legislative acts on staff list approval, revision and amendments;
i) Elaboration of mandatory documentation and arrangement of appropriate procedures in case of necessity for alteration in employee;
j) Within its competence checking and reviewing correspondence from a taxpayer, taxpayer’s representative and other interested party and preparing reply correspondence;
k) Fulfilling other tasks and assignments by Department management.