Information update date: 31 July 2012

Types of Services Offered in the Customs Clearance Zone

How to make a preliminary declaration of goods?

Before bringing goods and means of transportation into Georgia (before crossing its borders) submit the documents necessary for declaration to Customs Clearance Zone or upload them on the web-site of the Revenue Service for preliminary review. A Service Officer at the Customs Clearance Zone will fill in the data in the documents you submitted and will return the registered goods declaration form (with C series) to you in an electronic form. When goods and means of transportation are brought into the country, at the border, the corridor of risk is determined and in case of green corridor you will be able to take the goods from the border directly to your warehouse.
When making a preliminary declaration you shall pay the import duties and service fees within 15 days after the release of the goods.
Nota Bene! If a preliminary declaration is made by using the declaration filled out by an importer (i.e. if a declaration is filled out by the importer in the software ASYCUDA), the service fees will significantly decrease (100, 200, 300 GEL) and these tariffs will not double during non-business days.

How is ‘remote’ declaration made by using an electronic signature?

By using an e-signature it is possible to register goods from any place of registration notwithstanding the location of the goods and without traveling from one region to the other.

For example:
If goods are located in Tbilisi but you are in Batumi, you may use e-signature in the customs clearance zone in Batumi and register the goods in Tbilisi.

How are the goods examined in the warehouse of importer (Red Corridor)?

If the goods have only one consignee and in case the goods should pass through the red corridor, the goods can be examined in the warehouse of the importer.
You will receive a message through Short Message Service to notify you about the goods being placed in the Red Corridor and the time of their examination.
A registration officer will come to your warehouse and he/she will complete the registration of goods and will print out and hand over the declaration with the bar codes to you on the venue of examination without returning back to Customs Clearance Zone.

Can the exporter affix a seal?

In case of export and re-export the exporter may affix a seal himself/herself without visiting the Customs Clearance Zone.
Seals are distributed in the Customs Clearance Department free of charge.