Information update date: 23 May 2012

Human Resources Department

Functions of Service Quality Management Division are:

a) Monitoring of compliance with the established standards of service quality;
b) Elaboration of programs for the improvement of the quality of relations with customers;
c) Elaboration, launching of effective service control management technologies/mechanisms and participation in the working process;
d) For development of active procedures, review of service problems/gaps with the appropriate Revenue Service units and presentation of problem solving measures to Revenue Service management;
e) Study of qualification compliance of personnel involved in service process, initiation of professional development, training and retraining;
f) Together with the appropriate Revenue Service unite elaboration of corporative standards of relations with customers;
g) Launching and preparation of service quality management manual and methodological documents;
h) Providing of customers satisfaction study, research/assessment;
i) Analyzing of study results and planning of measures aimed at service quality development;
j) Within its competence checking and reviewing correspondence from a taxpayer, taxpayer’s representative and other interested party and preparing reply correspondence;
k) Fulfillment of other tasks and assignments by Department management.