Information update date: 17 March 2015

Privé Personal Tax Advisor

PRIVÉ service
PRIVÉ  is a personal service pack of the Revenue Service which means the service to a taxpayer through personal tax adviser. PRIVE service is available to any taxpayer, for which maximal comfort, simplicity of procedures and saving of time and material resources are important in relationship with tax authority.

How Privé service will help us??
In case of using Privé service, you are served by personal tax adviser who helps you in performance of obligations imposed by tax law and complete application of authorities granted to you. Personal tax adviser will be your main contact person in the Revenue Service, who reviews the questions in detail and provides you with comprehensive information pertaining to all actual issues.

Advantages of PRIVÉ service
  • Revenue Service joint position
  • Personal adviser allocated personally for you
  • Full service spectrum in PRIVE service Center
  • Timely information about legislative changes
  • Support the profit by private tax concessions
  • Correct definition of tax commitments
  • Consultancy both on tax and customs issues
  • Organization of meetings with management of the Revenue Service
  • Support the necessary procedures of reorganization/liquidation

Who is personal tax adviser?
You will be served by specially selected and highly skilled specialists, who examine concrete issues individually, help in correct definition of obligations and who will be oriented to the field of your demand and business. Personal tax adviser will help you to plan tax policy in a correct way, to correct errors of previous periods and execute current activities effectively.
How can we get a consultation from personal tax adviser?
We can use the service during non-working days at any time and place, which would be comfortable for us, as at revenue service office, as well as at actual/legal working place of taxpayer or remotely:
  • by phone
  • by video call
  • by e-mail

Contact information:
  • Kostava Street 68A
  • T: 226 26 93; 226 26 98; 226 26 99;
  • e-mail:
Service Fees
Taxpayer Status Terms of service Price
Large taxpayer and/or persons with an annual turnover of more than 3 000 000
1 year
3000 GEL
Person with an annual turnover of 1 000 000 to 3 000 000 GEL
1 year
2000 GEL
Other Persons
1 year
1000 GEL