Information update date: 23 May 2012

Human Resources Department

Functions of Human Resources Development Division are:

a) Planning personnel quantity:
a.a) Analysis of existing Service personnel resources, quantitative index of Service employees, qualitative level, staff and position shifts;
a.b) Proceeding from Service action plan defining necessity expectance for employee attraction to the Service;
a.c) Withdrawn (1.03.2012 N2796)
b) Evaluation of employees:
b.a) Development and implementation of evaluation system for Service employees activities;
b.b) Defining whether Service employees qualifications match those approved qualification requirements;
b.c) Arranging competitions and assessments/certification within the Service;
c) Analysis of human resources management:
c.a) Carrying out analysis to determine the necessity for Service personnel training;
c.b) Development of plan for training necessity analysis for Service personnel and arrangement of appropriate processes;
d) Enhancement of employee motivation:
d.a) Examination of Service personnel working motivation and improvement of labor organization;
d.b) Development of incentive and promotion forms along with the appropriate Service structural units, improvement of salary forms;
d.c) Development of proposals with the objective to make provisions for Service personnel social protection and social security;
e) Within its competence checking and reviewing correspondence from a taxpayer, taxpayer’s representative and other interested party and preparing reply correspondence;
f) Fulfillment of other tasks and assignments by Department management