Information update date: 05 September 2012

District Tax Officer



District Tax Officer is a person appointed according to operational territories by Service Department of Revenue Service, who consults taxpayers about rules set by tax legislation. District Tax Officer uses public transport and is equipped with modern devices that give him/her opportunity to connect to the electronic system/database of Revenue Service. Taxpayer is provided with different kinds of services by District Tax Officers that gives them opportunity not to visit Service-centers any more.

How will be taxpayers assisted by District Tax Officers?
  •  District Tax Officer answers questions related to tax legislation;
  •  Consults taxpayer about tax benefits set by legislation;
  •  Informs taxpayers about legislative amendments;
  •  Drafts and approves documents related to writing-off of expired inventory itemsand/or that are unsuitable for further usage;
  •  Taxpayer who has a desire to obtain fixed/micro business status, is able to submit a statement on the spot, without visiting Service-centers and to obtain appropriate certificate;
  •  In case of detecting violation, District Tax Officer without drafting violation report,defines terms for eliminating violation.
Benefits for taxpayer who cooperates with District Tax Officer
  •  Taxpayer avoids tax violation and sanction related to these tax violation while cooperating with District Tax officer;
  •  Taxpayer is able to call District Tax Officer in case of necessity to be consulted, or to contact the Head of Sector of appropriate region.
    If you start entrepreneurial activities and do not use the service of District Tax Officer,yet:
  •  You can contact Head of Sector of appropriate region/Head of Regional Division; they will send District Tax Officer to you who will provide you with qualified consultation.
You can avoid any misfortune and sanction related to tax violation while cooperating with District Tax Officer; At the same time, you will be informed about current novelties.
Revenue Service wishes you successes!
Contact details: phone: 995 32 2262183, e-mail:

List of the District Tax Officers
Head of Division
Mr. Giorgi Berdzenishvili
577 773 999
Deputy Head of Division
Mr. Kakhaber Pichkhaia
577 055 717
Head of Sector
Gldani - Nadzaladevi Sector
Mr.David Chiqovani
577 055 899
Head of Sector
Didube - Chugureti Sector
Mrs. Elene Gogoladze
577 053 904
Head of Sector
Isani - Samgori Sector
Mr.Archil Mamulashvili
577 055 712
Head of Sector
Vake - Saburtalo Sector
Mr.Sergo Jincharadze
577 055 797
Head of Sector
Old Tbilisi Sector
Mr.Temur Ezugbaia
577 055 706
Head of Sector
Mtskheta -Mtianeti Sector
Mr.Irakli Iobashvili
577 055 575
Head of  Division
Mr.David Bajelidze
577 055 873
Head of Division
Kvemo Kartli
Mr.Zviad Chunashvili
577 054 486
Head of Division
Imereti and Racha - Lechkhumi
Mr.Parmen Margvelidze 577 054 999
Head of Division
Guria and Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti
Mr.Tengiz Chitanava
577 055 620
Head of Division
Shida Qartli
Mr.Andro Mindiashvili
577 055 650
Head of Division
Samtskhe - Javakheti
Mr.Vasil Ivanidze
577 055 738
Head of Division
Mr.Zaqaria Kakoshvili
577 055 819


By cooperation with the tax officer you will avoid any trouble, in connection with any breaches of tax legislation and related penalties; and at the same time keep yourself updated on current novelties.
The revenue service wishes you success!



Contact information:phone: 995 32 2262183; e-mail: