Information update date: 23 May 2012

Information Technology Center

Principal Functions of Technical Support and Service Division are:

a) Providing tax agencies with operating information systems and software;
b) User testing of new (modified) software products, elaboration and introduction of user manual documentation;
c) Making arrangements for training and providing appropriate consultancy for available software system users, authorizing access to information systems for appropriate users;
d) Pilot implementation and testing of new (modified) software products, making arrangements for putting information systems into operational environment and ensuring commissioning;
e) Coordination of information systems technical support in Revenue Service;
f) Ensuring operability of new and existing computer workstations;
g) Efficient response to requests and incidents registered in the system with the purpose of their elimination, identification of raised problems, taking measures required to solve the problems;
h) Based on the information referring to registered incidents identification and record keeping of raised problems, taking measures required to solve the problems. As necessary transferring requests for problem-solving to another responsible structural unit;
i) Analyzing requests for purchasing/upgrading computer hardware and other support equipment and spare parts and submitting the results to Administrative Department;
j) Technical support of authorizing and denying access for users to computer-aided data system “ASYCUDA”.