Information update date: 23 May 2012

Information Technology Center

Principal Functions of Project Planning and Management Division are: 

a) Development of common strategy and action plan of Information Technology Center, ensuring introduction of changes into the action plan and implementation control;
b) Submission of reports related to work performed by Information Technology Center;
c) Designing new products and services;
d) Participation in elaboration of standards for information and communication systems development, management and service, within the competence service quality management and control;
e) Undertaking researches in the field of information and communication technology;
f) Information collection, classification and processing;
g) Elaboration of reporting methodology of activities and processes relative to information technology, their accounting and management;
h) Processing information on purchases related to information and communication systems and submission of its results to Administrative Department;
i) Project initiation, elaboration and management (coordination), planning, distribution and ensuring availability of resources (human, technical) required for project implementation. Undertaking other administrative measures associated with project management.