Information update date: 18 May 2012

Hygiene certificate

It is possible to receive hygiene certificate   based on the written, as well as, electronic application,   at any Border Crossing Point and  at the  Customs Department.
Hygiene certificate Is the document which certifies that   food –stuff/tare is   in accordance with   the hygiene safety requirements.

Certificate is issued by:
  • Legal Entity of Public Law – National Food Agency
  • In  the control zones defined   by the  Tax Code of Georgia  Legal Entity of Public Law – Georgia  Revenue Service,

Hygiene certificate is issued  when  executing    hygiene evaluation, which   comprises of  identification  of food –stuff/tare  for  assertion   of  conformity   with the  hygiene requirement of food –stuff/tare and     review,  study and  assessment   of documentation  presented  for laboratory results  and hygiene certification.    Hygiene certification is voluntary and is executed based on the applicant’s initiative.   Hygiene certificate is issued on   packed as well as unpacked food-stuff.

Following documentations are needed for receiving   food –stuff/tare hygiene certificate:
  • Application  where  name of  the food –stuff/tare, amount, date of  issue, number of batch, type of packaging and information connected with  protection of the hygiene requirements  of the  food –stuff ( in case  of existence,  conformity evaluation  certificate ) will be   mentioned.
  • Act of examination of compliance with the safety of food -stuff/tare,  issued based on   the examination results  performed by the  accredited  examination  laboratory .
  • Characteristics of the  use and prohibition spheres of the food- stuff/tare

If there is no appropriate accredited examination  laboratory in Georgia  and  if applicant  already submitted  once an  Act of examination  of accordance  with  the safety of food –stuff/tare  issued by the foreign laboratory  and if the   product and production process  for producing the  tare is  unchanged, applicant,  for the period of one year after  issuing the act,   is freed  from presenting  examination act  on  other batches  of   tare  connected  with the foodstuff.
Service Fee is  50 GEL
Normative act:
Resolution N 111  of  May 30, 2007,  by the Government of Georgia