Information update date: 05 January 2015

Import permit for products subjected to veterinary control

For attaining  Import permit for products subjected to veterinary control , permit seeker shall  submit the following documents:

  • Application
  • Veterinary certificate
  • Receipt of service fee (1 working day – 50 Gel;  5 working days – 40 GEL; 10 working days – 20 GEL; 20 working days – free of charge)
  • When importing biological and medication medicines,  additional registration form shall be presented.
  •  Receipt of service fee

List or products subjected to veterinary control   for  which  permit is requested when  importing:
 Import permits for products subjected to veterinary control can be attained  based on  the written as well as electronic application,    at any Border Crossing Point and  at the  Customs Department.
Procedures for issuing the permit:
For receiving the permit please provide  written or electronic ( (   application  to the Customs Department , or to the Border Crossing Points   where you wish  to receive the permit.
For  applying electronically  please  register on the official web-page of the Revenue Service
choose  window  “applications”,  “Customs, Customs Clearance Zone ”  type of the permit you need (Import permit for products subjected to veterinary control) and fill in the appropriate boxes of application.  Electronically attach documentations necessary for receiving the permit - Receipt of service fee, Veterinary certificate,  registration form when importing biological and  medication medicines, and other documents (if exists).  After filling the application ,  with the click on the button “Send”  register your application.  
You will be notified about the decision on the issuance     of the permit through the official web-page “my page”  or   through SMS  which you will receive on the   telephone number  indicated in the application.
Import permit for products subjected to veterinary control is issued for the period  if 1 month.
Bank  information :
LELP “Revenue Service”;    Recepient bank - State Treasury;   
Bank Code: TRESGE22, 
LELP “Revenue Service” account / treasury code - 707017021

For additional information please contact us :  Tel:2 26 1 74,  Tbilisi, 16 V Gorgasali Str.
Main regulating normative act:

Permission Form