Information update date: 23 July 2012

Natural Person

Citizen of Georgia

Temporarily leaves Georgian territoryand enters Georgia with Georgian passport or relevant travel document. Visa for destination state is obligatory in case of visa regime.

  • Children under 16, disabled person temporarily leavingGeorgian territory with the Georgian passport and legally authorized accompanying person (legal representation should be submitted based on birth certificate or other relevant document) or the permission of one of his/her  legally authorized representative and with accompaniment of adult person with legal capacity.
  • Citizen of age16-18, in case he/she is not legally married temporarily leaves Georgia with Georgian passport and with notarized permission for leaving the country.
Foreign Citizen 
  • Under age foreign citizen (according the relevant state legislation) are crossing state border by passport or birth certificate and with the assignment of accompanying person (with photo).
  • Foreign citizen traveling from Georgia to third country should pass Georgian border with the documents he/she entered Georgia.
  • Foreign citizen who were rejected to receive  visa on Georgian border crossing   point should be sent back.
List of the countries whose citizens do not need a visa to enter and stay on the territory of Georgia for 360 days
All countries of the European Union


Trinidad and Tobago
United States of America   Republic of Seychelles
Republic of Botswana
Republic of Croatia
Swiss Confederation  
Republic of Chile
Principality of  Lichtenstein
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
Kingdom of Norway  
Argentine Republic
State of Israel  
the Holy See (Vatican)  
United Mexican States
Principality of Andorra  
Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Republic of San-Marino  
Republic of Mauritius
Republic of Iceland  
Republic of Panama
United Arab Emirates
Republic of Costa Rica
State of Kuwait
Republic of South Africa
Republic of Korea  
Federative Republic of Brazil
State of Qatar  
Kingdom of Thailand
Kingdom of Bahrain  
Sultanate of Oman
Republic of Albania
Republic of Singapore
Republic of Serbia
Commonwealth of Australia
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Principality of  Monaco
New Zealand
Republic of Iraq
  Bahrain Kingdom
Antigua and Barbuda