Information update date: 17 May 2012

Documents to be submitted

Transportation document:

• By vehicle transportation –waybill  or TIR Carnet, if unavailable, the copy of vehicle registration certificate.
• By sea transportation – bill of lading.
• By air transportation – air waybill.
• By railway transportation – railway bill.


Purchase contract document:

Goods Purchase contract, invoice or other payment document.


Note: As necessary license/permit/certificate shall be additionally submitted.
Permits issued by Revenue Service:

• Permit for import of products subject to veterinary control.
• Permit for import of products subject to phytosanitary control.
• Permit for import of dual-use products.
• Permit for import of medications subject to special control.
• Permit for import of non- iodized salt.
• Permit for import of species, their parts and derivatives listed in Annexes of “ Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora” (CITES).


Permits that are issued by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia:

Permit for import of nuclear and radiation items, nuclear materials, radioactive substances, radioactive waste, minerals from which it is practically feasible to extract nuclear materials, everything made of nuclear material or radioactive substance or that contain them as a component as well as nuclear technologies or know-how.

Permits that are issued by the Ministry of Defense of Georgia:

• Permit for import of weapons and fighting materials.
• Permit for import of military-fighting weapons. 
• Permits that are issued by the Service Agency of Ministry of Home Affairs of Georgia:
• Permit for importing hunting or sporting guns and/or ammunition to Georgia by a foreign national.
• Permit for importing civil firearms and/or gas arms, their basic components and/or ammunition to Georgia by a Georgian national.


Note: When importing products subject to phytosanitary and veterinary control a certificate of country of origin will be additionally required.