Information update date: 18 May 2012

Intellectual property

Trademark has history of many-centuries. From times immemorial there were special brands that belonged to this or that product manufacturer. The growing importance of “trademark” in contemporary commercial activities has been conditioned by strong competition between those firms that do business simultaneously in several countries. By means of trademarks a consumer is able to distinguish goods manufacturer, quality and price from one another. Trademark can be deemed to some extent as advertisement at goods delivery and a mean for establishing contact between a consumer and a manufacturer. Protected “trademarks” provides opportunity of protection of consumer market from counterfeiting. Subsequently protection of particular rights of trademark owners in Georgia is on the agenda in which customs authorities are involved. Currently several trademarks have been registered by Revenue Service and customs authorities perform their import-export control.


IPM – World Customs Organization’s initiative.

This is to notify  the  owners of Intellectual Property Objects or their representatives registered in the IPR object Registry of the Georgia Revenue Service,    that Customs Administration   has joined number public members of the interface (IPM – World Customs Organization’s initiative).
 IPM contains “genuine/false (counterfeit) goods database” that will enable right holders to submit their products genuine data, as well as, information that will enable  customs officers to  distinguish between “genuine” and counterfeit products.


IPM does not replace administrative procedures that are prescribed in the course of filling the application. However it represents additional information that will allow customs officers to conduct further procedures in compliance with the legislation.

In case you are interested to have your products entered into IPM database, please, do not hesitate to contact Customs Department of  Georgia Revenue Service for further information. Phone: (+995) 32 261175.