Information update date: 11 May 2012

Golden List

Who is the member of “Golden List”?

“Golden List” member is the subject to simplified customs procedures.

Who can obtain the status of “Golden List” member?

There are several criteria to be met by a company in order to become “Golden List” member:

  • Company must be an economic operator and registered as a VAT payer
  • Minimum 5 million GEL of customs value of imported/exported goods  must  be paid within a period of one year
  • Minimum of 900 000 GEL of paid customs duties and/or minimum of 100 declarations must presented for import or export
  • There must be no serious customs offences for the last six months (in accordance with Article 289-part 11 and 19, Tax Code of Georgia).
What are the simplified customs procedures?
  • The goods of “Golden Lists” members can be released directly at the Customs Crossing Point or may be transported to its own warehouse being accompanied with the internal transit document.
  • Payment of Customs Duty, Import VAT and Import Excise can be deferred for  30 days
  • The supporting documents to the declaration are presented in the electronic version and all the paper documents are kept at the declarant’s premises.