Information update date: 17 March 2015

Write off commodity-material value

If you are a taxpayer and have a commodity-material value expired and/or unsuitable for further use and delivery and wish to write them off, you may:

  • • Write off mentioned goods electronically, simply by the website of Revenue Service;
  • • Apply for any service center of Revenue Service

After your application, Revenue Service is obliged to:

  • • Confirm directly document on writing off commodity-material value;
  • • Check commodity-material value in a way of going to place.

Remember!  Commodity-material value expired and unsuitable for further use and delivery, written off by the order of Revenue Service, will not be taxed.


 How commodity-material value is written off?

  • • After taxpayer electronically filled out an application about writing off commodity-material value through website of Revenue Service, unique ID number will be granted to registered application, based on which payer will pay 20.00 GEL in bank. In case of payment without ID number, receipt identifying payment of service fee should be submitted to any service center of Revenue service.
  • • Upon accepting the electronic application, Revenue Service processes it and document “about making a document regarding writing off commodity-material value and approval of it by tax authority” is sent to payer electronically on the same date. On the grounds of it, taxpayer will write off commodity-material value without the presence of tax officer at the place though automated taxation database system or in the presence of tax officer.
  • •If taxpayer submits application to service center of Revenue Service, information about the goods to be written off should be attached to this application in such form as defined under the order N994 of Minister of Finance dated 31December 2010 as well as receipt identifying payment of service fee.

Taxpayer is available to use the support of district tax officer at the place, to get full consultancy and write off commodity-material value with the support of such officer.