Information update date: 02 August 2012

Charter of the Public Relations and Marketing Department of a legal entity of public law – Revenue Service

General Provisions

 1. Public Relations and Marketing Department (hereinafter referred to as Department) of a legal entity of public law – Revenue Service (hereinafter referred to as Revenue Service) represents a structural unit of Revenue Service.
2. Director General/Supervising Deputy Director General of Revenue Service undertakes general supervision of the Department activities.
3. In its activities Department is governed by the Constitution of Georgia, international agreements, Tax Code of Georgia, other normative acts of Georgia and this Charter.

Legal Basis for Department Activities

Law of Georgia “On Revenue Service”, Charter of Revenue Service, orders by the Minister of Finance of Georgia, individual administrative and legal acts of the Director General of Revenue Service, this Charter and other legislative and secondary normative acts of Georgia represent legal basis for Department activities.

Functions of the Department

1. Within its competence Department provides:
a) Arrangement of Service newsletter, information leaflets, press release and other information materials preparation;
b) Posting updated information on the Service website;
c) Planning and conducting mandatory social and marketing researches to fulfill goals and tasks of the Service;
d) Selection of target groups as a result of the appropriate research and working with them as well as arrangement management meetings with them;
e) Proceeding from the specific nature of the Service activities, arrangement of meetings to conduct a dialog between the Service and the public aimed at researching, scrutinizing and solving actual problems of the public;
f) Image monitoring of the Service and Service management;
g) Rating research of the Service, Director General of the Service;
h) Informing the public and media of the current processes within the Service;
i) Elaboration of events to be held both in the nearest future and long-term based on studies of press and information TV news;
j) Coordination of relations of Service structural units with media;
k) Collection, sorting out and preparation of information on current processes to be spread in media;
l) Arrangement of special TV programs;
m) Preparation of press reviews;
n) Arrangement of press conferences;
o) Fulfilling other tasks and assignments by the Service management.
2. Functions of the Department towards marketing are:
a) Organization brand control and image monitoring;
b) Planning of communication campaigns; 
c) Selection of communication channels and development of media plan;
d) Cooperation with advertising companies and management of creative work (elaboration of advertising concepts, scenarios, slogans, design and other materials);
e) Writing communication/advertisement texts and coordination of advertising materials elaboration (such as brochures, booklets, posters and etc.);
f) Planning and conducting marketing researches;
g) Management of the Service website structure and content;
h) Monitoring and taking care of service/registration service centers interior design.
3. Functions of the Department towards PR are:
a) Control and coordination of public relations;
b) Promotion of Revenue Service image to both the internal and external audience;
c) Enhancement and strengthening of Revenue Service reputation;
d) Planning, organizing and monitoring PR campaigns;
e) Relations with designers and publishers;
f) Making provisions for and facilitating relations between the Revenue Service and media, NGOs, and other public organizations;
g) Establishing and developing relations with media;
h) Elaboration of press releases and flyers and spreading them in media;
i) Participation in elaboration and spreading PR literature – flyers, booklets and etc. and elaboration of image and information articles;
j) Storing PR files and documentation;
k) Arrangement of press conferences and briefings;
l) Relations with journalists and providing useful information to them;
m) Monitoring of TV, print and electronic media;
n) Cooperation with various official press services with the objective of obtaining and spreading information;
o) Elaborating, updating and editing information posted at the Service website;
p) Maintaining public awareness of Revenue Service activities;
q) Arrangement of media training.

Department Personnel

Department personnel get designated to positions and dismissed from them by the Director General of Revenue Service.